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Tropical / Carrion Flower (Stapelia hirsuta)

Carrion Flower (Stapelia hirsuta)
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A species with beautiful dark red flowers, which in nature are pollinated by flies.

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English Name
Carrion Flower

South Africa

Minimum temperature:
10 degrees Celsius

This species grows in the southwest of the cape of South Africa and produces beautiful dark red flowers, which contain a lot of hairs in the middle of the flower. The hairs in the flower and an unpleasant smell imitate a dead animal, this way the flowers attract insects that will pollinate the flower. The flowers will be produced regularly and usually grow to around 10-12 cm. The plant will grow well indoors and do well in a sunny spot on the windowsill.

Sowing description:
Sow the seeds in a mixture of sand and sowing soil (1:1) and cover them with only a slim layer of soil. Keep the soil constantly moist (not wet). During germination place the seeds in a light spot without direct sunlight and keep at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (near heater).

Sowing time:
Year round


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