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Subtropical / Nipple Fruit (Solanum mammosum)

Nipple Fruit (Solanum mammosum)
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The peculiar yellow fruits are used in traditional medicine, have a cleansing effect and can be used to wash for example clothes with.

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Common name:
Nipple fruit / Cow’s udder


Minimum temperature:
0 degrees Celcius

Nipple fruit or cow’s udder has peculiar fruits, and can be grown as an annual in the garden or as a container plant at a minimum of 0 degC during winter. The fruits are poisonous and are mostly grown for decoration. They also have a role in traditional medicine, for example to counteract athlete’s foot. The fruits have a cleansing effect and can also be used to wash for example clothes. The species is family of the tomato and aubergine/eggplant and grows in nature as a small bush.

Sowing description:
Sow the seeds in early spring indoors in sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist during germination.

Sowing time:
February – may


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