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Tropical / Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens)

Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens) Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens)
Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens) Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens)
Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens)
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A climbing plant from South America with elegant seeds that resemble a hamburger. The seeds are dispersed by the ocean and can be found on beaches all over the world.
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The red hamburger bean / red sea bean is a climbing plant from South America, with large pods that contain the seeds. The species thanks its name to the resemblance between the seeds and hamburgers. The seeds wash ashore and germinate on tropical beaches and other places all over the world, where they are taken by the currents of the sea. Because of this way of dispersal, it is also called the red sea bean.  The seeds can be used to make jewels, but can of course also be sown. It is a tropical climbing plant that can be grown indoors or in a heated greenhouse in temperate climates. The species is quite rare, in contrast to the relatively common hamburger bean (Mucuna sloanei).

Sowing description: Carefully notch the seeds (without damaging the endosperm) , or sand them with sanding paper. Soak the seeds for 24 hours in lukewarm water, sow them in sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist and cover it with plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate in a warm spot indoors.

Family: Fabaceae
Scientific name: Mucuna urens
Common name: Red hamburger bean / Red sea bean
Native to: South America

Sowing time: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 12 degrees Celsius

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