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Tropical / Black Jade Vine (Mucuna nigricans)

Black Jade Vine (Mucuna nigricans)
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Rare, spectacular climber plant from Eastern Asia. Black purple flowers grow in clusters of 30 cm. Plant is suitable for a subtropical or tropical climate.

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Family: Fabaceae
Scientific name: Mucuna nigricans
Common name: Black Jade Vine
Origin: East Asia

The black jade vine is a rare climber from the tropics of eastern Asia. The impressive black-purple flowers are about 10cm large and grow in large hanging clusters. It is a climbing vine that can climb up to 20 metres in nature, but it grows less intensely than other Mucuna species. If grown in a pot the plant stays smaller and can be pruned. It can even flower when it is smaller and could even give flowers within a year! The best circumstances are a tropical place or a greenhouse with high humidty. It is a rare species and a good addition to a plant collection.

Sowing description: Scarify the seeds first with sandpaper until you see a change of colour and without damaging the germ. Then, soak for 24 hours in lukewarm water and sow in soing mix. Germinate at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and keep the soil lightely moistened.

Sowing time: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius

Foto 2: Forest en Kim Starr

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Joke - 12-03-2019 10:47

Een klein jaar later: plant bij het raam, langs draad om kozijnen raam heen. Is nu ca. 4 meter en begint na winterstop nu weer te groeien. Ben benieuwd naar bloemen.

Joke - 14-04-2018 10:42

ooo, weken geleden gezaaid, eerst gekerfd, toen 24 uur in water en toen in een potje, begint nu op te komen! Hoop dat het lukt!

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