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Tropical / Black Hamburger Bean (Mucuna holtonii)

Black Hamburger Bean (Mucuna holtonii)
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A tropical climber with creamy white flowers that hang from long stems, and are pollinated by bats. The seeds can float and are dispersed by the ocean all over the world.

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Common name:
Black hamburger bean / Chandelier bean

Central America

Minimum temperature:
15 degrees Celsius

The black hamburger bean is a climbing plant up to 15 meters high, from the tropical forests of Central America. The creamy white flowers hang from long stems (up to 5 meters), and are pollinated by bats. The flower changes its shape when it has nectar, and bats are able to detect the shape of the flower by echolocation. Because the flowers hang in the air like chandeliers, they are easily accessible for bats. The floating seeds have a very hard seed wall to protect them from the sea, and the seeds are dispersed all over the world by the currents of the ocean. They wash ashore, and can often be found on tropical beaches.

In temperate climates, the plant can grow indoors or in a heated greenhouse. Because it is a very large climbing plant, it needs to be pruned regularly.

Sowing description:
Carefully notch the seeds (without damaging the endosperm) , or sand them with sanding paper. Soak the seeds for 24 hours in lukewarm water, sow them in sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist and cover it with plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate in a warm spot indoors.

Sowing time:
Whole year


Photo 1 and 2: Reinaldo Aguilar via Flickr
Photo 3: Jardin Boricua via Flickr

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Linda - 27-05-2021 12:57

2 van de 2 gelukt. Aangeschuurd op ze zijkant in het midden tot het witte zichtbaar was. Daarna in licht vochtige aarde in een zipzak op de radiator in de badkamer. Beetje geduld, maar daar gingen ze.

Wilschut - 24-01-2016 16:55

Zaad na 6 weken ontkiemt op 25 graden. Harde groeier die zijn weg zoekt langs touwen en haken langs het plafond. Vrij snel in grote pot gezet met cocopeat en potgrond

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