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Winter hardy / Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major)

Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major) Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major) Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major)
Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major) Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major) Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major)
Giant Honey Flower (Melianthus major)
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The large trusses produce sticky nectar to attract birds for pollination. The plant warns for its toxicit by producing a peanutbutter-like smell.  
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Family: Francoaceae
Scientific name: Melianthus major
Common name: Giant Honey Flower
Origin: South Africa

The Giant Honey Flower is a very particular plant which originates from the southwestern cape in South Africa, but is suitable for most gardens. The deep red trusses of flowers can be 80 cm big. Each flower produces a sticky nectar (resembling honey) in order to attract birds for pollination. All parts of the plant are toxic, and the plant warns for its toxicity y producing a peanutbutter-like smell. The local habitants cook the plant to heal wounds and bruises. In the local language, the plant is called kruidjie-roer-my-nie (touch-me-not) because of its toxicity. However, the plant has nothing to do with the well-known Mimosa pudica, which quickly closes its leaves when it is touched.
In South Africa, the plant can grow up to 2 or 3 meters high, but will stay smaller in most climates, as the above-ground parts will die in winter. A sunny spot is recommended.

Sowing description: Let the seeds soak for 24 hours in lukewarm water, and then sow them in a sowing mixture at ½ cm depth. Keep the soil moist and cover it with plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate at room temperature.

Sowing time: January - june
Difficulty: Easy
Minimumtemperature: -15 degree Celsius

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Dick van Dijk - 08-07-2022 14:35

Ik heb verschillende keren geprobeerd in diverse batches om de Grote honingbloem te zaaien en op te kweken en me precies aan de beschrijving gehouden (24 uur weken in lauw water in een thermoskan, zaaidiepte, grondsoort, kamertemperatuur en afdekken met glas) maar de zaden kwamen geen van alle tot kieming.
Best jammer, zijn er nog adviezen die kunnen helpen de zaden aan het kiemen te krijgen?