Tropical plants / Blue Latan Palm (Latania loddigesii)

Blue Latan Palm (Latania loddigesii)
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Rare Blue latan palm, originates from Mauritius and has beautiful blue-gray leaves. Grows well indoors.

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Common name:
Blue latan palm

Mauritius, Mascarene

Minimum Temperature:
12 degrees Celsius

Beautiful palm tree which originates from Mauritius, however it has almost gone extinct in its original growing area due to the destruction of its habitat. At a young age the palm produces leaves with red nerves, which in time will colour blue-gray and become sturdy. It is a rare relative from the Bismarckia palm from Madagascar and grows well indoors.

Germination instructions:
Soak the seeds for 48 hours in lukewarm water and afterwards sow in a deep container filled with sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist (not wet) at a temperature of around 25-30 degrees Celcius.

Sowing time:
All year round.

Germination difficulty:

Picture 1: Forest en Kim Starr (CCA-3.0 Wikipedia)
Picture 2: Kyle Wicomb via Flickr

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Rudy Devroey - 29-09-2018 15:49

Op 4/8 gezaaid, vandaag 29/9 is de eerste ontkiemd. Dit in een pergolator met een temperatuur van 28°C overdag en 21°C tijdens de nacht.

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