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Winter hardy / Common Fig (Ficus carica)

Common Fig (Ficus carica) Common Fig (Ficus carica)
Common Fig (Ficus carica) Common Fig (Ficus carica)
Common Fig (Ficus carica)
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The fruits require two years to mature and succeed in a sheltered, sunny spot. The leaf is graceful and hand-shaped.

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The fig is one of the oldest cultivated fruits and is hardy in a sheltered, sunny spot. The fruits are actually fleshy, containing inside all kinds of little flowers. After self-fertilization or fertilization by the gall wasp, the fruit requires to two years to mature. Some fruits will fall during the winter, but some should also come through the winter and can be harvested in October of the following year. The leaf is very graceful and hand-shaped.

Sowing description: Place the seeds in a glass with lukewarm water, after which the sunken seeds are suitable for germination. The floating seeds are sterile and can’t germinate unfortunately. The seeds can be spread in sowing mix and shouldn’t be covered with soil. Keep the soil constantly moist, watering occasionally with water and cover it with plastic wrap or glass. Move to a warm and bright place to germinate (several weeks to months).

Family: Moraceae
Scientific name: Ficus carica
Common name: Common Fig
Native to: Southwestern Asia

Sowing time: All year round
Difficulty: Easy
Minimum temperature: -10 degrees Celsius

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Sรฉbastien - 15-06-2020 21:56

In 1,5 maand 27 zaden die ontkiemd zijn.
Zeer tevreden! 20 zijn al verpot omdat ze zo goed groeien.

Sheila - 28-04-2020 09:56

80 procent van de zaden zijn naar boven gekomen. In tegenstelling tot de bamboe zaden die ik hier besteld had. (0 procent). Tevreden van mijn bestelling!

Lisa - 18-06-2018 21:07

Veel zaden van de portie zijn al ontkiemd. En groeien nu goed. Derest laat ik nog even wachten aangezien er wordt aangegeven dat het wel maanden kan duren.