Subtropical plants / Pride of Madeira (Echium fastuosum)

Pride of Madeira (Echium fastuosum)
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Starting during its second year, this plant produces blue flower clusters of up to 45 cm. The plant originally grew in Madeira and can be overwintered at a temperature of at least 5 degC.

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Common name:
Pride of Madeira


The Pride of Madeira is a well-known plant of Madeira where it occurs along the coast and in Laurisilva of origin. The plant is biennial or perennial: in the first year it forms a rosette which is followed during the second year by beautiful blue flower clusters of up to 45 cm. The plant can be kept at a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Provide a sunny spot. 

In among others Australia and New Zealand it has become an invasive species, so it is not recommended to let the plant grow in warm countries where it can stand outside during winter too.

Germination instructions:
Sow seeds in late Winter or early Spring. Use sowing mix and let them germinate at around 20 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist. Germination normally occurs in 3 to 8 weeks, possibly later. 

Sowing time:
January - March

Photo 2: Garden Coach via blog 

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