Subtropical plants / Elephant's Foot Yam (Dioscorea elephantipes)

Elephant's Foot Yam (Dioscorea elephantipes)
Elephant's Foot Yam (Dioscorea elephantipes)
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The greatly thickened stem has the pattern of a turtle shell and is used for the storage of starch. The species performs well as a houseplant.

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Common name:
Elephant's foot yam / Turtle shell plant

South Africa

The turtle shell plant is so called due to the extremely thickened trunk at the surface which can have a width of 3 meters in nature and has the pattern of a turtle shell. In this thickening, starch is stored. It is a climber plant which is native to South Africa and can be kept at a minimum of -4 degrees Celsius. The plant decides on its own when it takes a rest period - this has no connection to the current season. During a rest period, you can give the plant less water.

Germination instructions:
Sow seeds in sowing mix (eventually mixed with sand), a few cm's deep. Keep the soil constantly moist and keep the temperature between 25 and 30 degC. Germination can occur after some time. 6 months or longer is no exception. 

Sowing time:
All year round


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Lorenzo - 13-07-2020 17:11

Kiemen erg goed!

Gera - 25-12-2018 08:38

9 van de 10 zaden zijn opgekomen! Dunne sprietjes met een prachtig groen blaadje. Maar... Hoe nu verder...

Mirjam - 04-12-2018 13:42

Update 5 dagen na vorige post: 6 zaailingen!

Mirjam - 30-11-2018 13:26

Binnen een maand 3 zaailingen! Blijkbaar heb ik geluk. Ik ben echt heel erg benieuwd of het verder goed zal gaan!

Rudy Devroey - 02-11-2018 17:48

In juni gezaaid, vandaag 2 november komen er 2 plantjes uit.

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