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Tropical / Golden Fuchsia (Deppea splendens)

Golden Fuchsia (Deppea splendens)
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A very rare species from southern Mexico, with beautiful flowers. The tropical species is extinct in nature, but was saved by a botanist. Suitable as indoor plant.

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Common name
Golden Fuchsia

Southern Mexico

Minimum temperature
10 degC

The golden fuchsia is a very rare and impressive plant from the cool mountain forests of southern Mexico. The species is not related to the well-known Fuchsias, but is found in the same family as for instance the coffee plant (Rubiacaea). The species was discovered in 1973 by the American botanist Dennis Breedlove, in the state Chiapas. The species has never been found in nature in any other location ever since. The original population of the golden fuchsia turned out to have disappeared in 1986, as the area was cleared for farmland. Luckily, Breedlove had brought back seeds, and therefore the species hasn’t gone extinct. Currently, the species can be found in a few botanical gardens and private collections of gatherers, and its survival is therefore safeguarded. All plants that are currently in existence can be led back to Breedlove’s seeds, resulting in little genetic variation.

The plant can be grown as an indoor or container plant, and is sensitive to temperature fluctuations. During the day, a temperature between 15 and 25 degC is recommended, and preferably a bit colder during the night. Otherwise the plant is quite easy to grow, and starts to produce beautiful flowers after a few years. The yellow flowers have an orange tip, and purplish red sepals. They hang from long stems and bloom abundantly with many flowers at the same time. Well-drained soil and a stand without bright sun in the afternoon are recommended.

Sowing description:
Sow the small seeds superficially in sowing mix, and cover the soil with plastic foil or glass. Keep the soil constantly moist and let the seeds germinate at 20-23 degC in a bright spot without direct sunlight.

Sowing time:
Whole year

Level of difficulty:

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Loes - 05-08-2019 18:24

Deze plant is goed ontkiemd! Op den duur gebeurde er naar mijn idee niet zoveel meer en heb ik t plantje overgepot. In de aarde gebeurde heel veel! Veel wortels! Nu al voor de 2e keer verpot en hij groeit goed. Ik houd m wel binnen voorlopig.

Jose van de Boogaard - 11-06-2019 19:40

5 op de 5 zaadjes zijn ontkiemd, nu nog groot zien te krijgen😊

Sylvia Benedick - 03-12-2018 12:27

Ik heb de door mij ontvangen zaden op 31 oktober in vermiculiet gezaaid en nu ruim 4 weken laten zijn er 4 zaden ontkiemt !! Nu even laten groeien en dan hopenlijk over in aarde. Ik ben benieuwd of opkweken net zo makkelijk is als laten ontkiemen.

Kim Ramaharomanana - 12-10-2018 22:50

4 van de 5 zaadjes zijn ontkiemd. Nu in een klein kastje gezet en kijken of ze verder opkweken

Rudy Devroey - 19-09-2018 16:16

Uit nieuwsgierigheid en na lang twijfelen heb ik deze dure zaden besteld. Na 3 weken zijn 4 van de 5 piepkleine zaden (ze zijn echt héél klein) ontkiemd. Nu heb ik ze uit mijn verwarmde kas gehaald en in huis gezet. Ze zijn nu enkele mm groot, maar weet niet goed hoe ik ze best opkweek.

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