Tropical plants / Decary's flamboyant (Delonix decaryi)

Decary's flamboyant (Delonix decaryi)
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Rare species from southern Madagascar with a striking thickened trunk. The flowers are a colourful mix of white petals, a yellow spot and red stamens.

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Common name:
Decary's flamboyant


Minimum temperature:
10 degrees Celsius

This rare species originates from the dry areas of southern Madagascar and is unfortunately threatened with extinction because of habitat loss. In nature, this species can grow into a tree of 3 to 10 meters tall, with an especially striking thickened trunk. Local people use the trunk to make canoes and the sap can be used to make glue. The flowers are a colourful mix of white petals, a yellow spot and bright red stamens. The flowers bloom in the dry period and are pollinated at night by moths. Interestingly, the tree also drops all of its leaves in the dry period so that only flowers are left on the tree. When kept in a pot, a well draining soil is important. Furthermore, the plant likes a spot in the sun, needs watering only occasionally and needs less water in its dry period(when the leaves drop).

Sowing description:
Scarify the seeds in 1 place with sandpaper until you see a colour change. Then, soak them in luke warm water for 24 hours and sow them in sowing mix. Keep the the temperature at 25-35 degrees Celsius and they can germinate within a few weeks, while the seeds are still solid.

Sowing time:
Whole year

Level of difficulty:

Foto 2: CB-Succulents, Madagaskar

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DaMa - 11-06-2020 19:47

Drie van de vijf zaden uitgekomen! Schuren viel niet mee, maar resultaat is geboekt.

Sander - 06-05-2020 12:05

Na 2 dagen zijn de zaden al open gegaan en is des eerste wortel zichtbaar.
Staan nu ene paar dagen in de grond en afwachten :)

Spruit - 22-04-2020 14:52

Ze kiemden bij mij na 2 dagen al. Ze zitten nu ruim een week in de aarde en zijn al 10 cm groot.

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