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Tropical / Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)

Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora) Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora) Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
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This species contains more caffeine, therefore the coffee tastes a little bit more bitter. Robusta coffee is often blended with Arabica, providing an optimal taste and a layer of foam.

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Family: Rutaceae
Scientific name: Coffea canephora
Common name: Robusta coffee
Origin: Ethiopia

The Robusta coffee is known as a cheaper, less tasteful coffee  compared to Arabica. That’s because of the higher caffeine levels in the beans, making the species a bit more bitter. However, the yield of the plant lies a bit higher than that of the Arabica species, and this species also contracts less diseases and infections. That’s why this species still contributes 30% to the global coffee production. Robusta coffee is often used as a filter coffee and is sometimes blended with Arabica to create a complete taste experience and a nice layer of foam on the Italian expresso.
Because this plant produces a lot of berries, it’s quite nice to cultivate it as a houseplant. 

Sowing description: First soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours. Then sow them with the flat side down in sowing mix. Let them germinate at 25 degC and keep the soil constantly moist. 

Sowing time: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 10 degrees Celcius

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Tim - 08-10-2014 16:23

Ik heb er 5 gezaaid en na 3 weken zijn ze allemaal al uit gekomen

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