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Tropical / Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla)

Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla) Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla) Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla)
Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla) Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla) Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla)
Corkscrew Vine (Cochliasanthus caracalla)
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A tropical vine with unusual asymmetric curled flowers that produce a good fragrance. Minimum temperature of 10 degC.  
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Family: Fabaceae
Scientific name: Cochliasanthus caracalla
Common name: Corkscrew Vine
Origin: Tropical South America

The flowers of this beautiful climbing plant are asymmetrically curled. Due to the shape, the flowers have the appearance of a corkscrew or snail shell. The scented flowers are white-purple coloured, which after some time transitions to a yellowish colour. With the use of nectar, ants are attracted to the plant for fertilization and possibly for the protection of the plant. This climbing plant does well indoors and can be placed outdoors in the summer months, granted the plant is placed in a sunny spot. The Corkscrew vine is the only plant in the ochliasanthus family and was previously listed as the species Vigna caracalla.
Sowing description: Pour hot water over the seeds for a short period of time. Afterwards leave the seeds soaking in lukewarm water for 12 hours. Sow in sowing mix at a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. Germination will start after a couple of weeks. 

Sowing time: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 10 degrees Celsius

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Luca - 06-12-2021 17:29

Soaked for a night, planted the next day and the first two seeds already sprouted the day after. Incredible! Fyi: The seeds were placed in a heated incubator (~25 deg) with bright light on top.

Edwin - 06-06-2020 18:31

5 feb gezaaid. 5 juni staat er een enorme plant en ben ik een paar keer per week bezig met het leiden van de takken. Een aantal stengels zijn al wel 5 meter lang!
Prachtig voor langs de muur of laten groeien langs een dikke tak met veel zijtakken.

Niels - 17-11-2018 18:48

Zaden waren snel gekiemd, de eerste sprong al uit het potje na een week, de rest volgde binnen 2 weken. Zaailingen zijn al hard aan het groeien.

Een aanrader!