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Subtropical / Chirimuya (Annona cherimola)

Chirimuya (Annona cherimola)
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Sweet fruits which can be scooped or may be used in salads or smoothies. Species from the Andes that can be cultivated at a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

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Common name:

Andes / Central America 

Minimum temperature:
5 degrees Celsius

Chirimuyas are sometimes offered on the market or in store and are deliciously sweet fruits which can be scooped or processed in e.g. salads and smoothies. The fruit flesh is white and the black seeds are clearly visible. It’s a tropical tree that is common at altitudes between 1.000 and 2.000 meters in the Andes. It’s not certain whether this is the original habitat of the species, because the origin could also have taken place in Central America. Chile is the largest exporter of the fruits, which are also known as the Jamaican apple. In nature, this tree grows up to 9 meters high, but in our regions, the species can be kept as a container plant so that it remains much smaller. In periods of drought, the tree loses it leaves. If the temperature falls down to 5 degrees Celsius, you should move the plant indoors. In summer, you can place the plant on a sheltered, sunny spot.
Germination instructions:
First soak seeds 24 hours in lukewarm water. Sow them in sowing mix and keep the soil constantly moist. Let them germinate around 25 degC.

Sowing time:
All year round


Photo 1: Robinsons via blogspot

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Jolanda - 07-08-2018 23:46

ik heb nu 7 mooie plantjes staan...iemand vragen..of tips.

Mirjam - 06-06-2018 13:11

3 zaden gezaaid (januari) waarvan er één gekiemd is. Dat is nu een plantje van bijna 10cm groot met een 3e echt blad op komst. De zaadhuid ging niet van de kiembladen af, uiteindelijk heb ik deze met de helft van de kiembladen verwijderd (na +- 3 weken). Hopelijk groeit de zaailing goed door.

Marije - 13-02-2018 13:25

5 gezaaid en 4 zijn ontkiemd. Na +- 2 weken was er 1 ontkiemd en veel schimmeldraden. Daarop gespoten met anti-schimmelniddel. Na +- 6 weken ontkiemden de andeee zaadjes en gingen de kiemen groeien.

Stijn - 05-07-2014 00:09

4 gezaaid en 2 ontkiemd in 2,5 weken.

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