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Tropical / Kukui (Aleurites moluccana)

Kukui (Aleurites moluccana) Kukui (Aleurites moluccana) Kukui (Aleurites moluccana)
Kukui (Aleurites moluccana) Kukui (Aleurites moluccana) Kukui (Aleurites moluccana)
Kukui (Aleurites moluccana)
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The kukui or candlenut is used in the Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. The nuts are very oily, so they can burn like a candle.

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Family: Euphorbiaceae
Scientific name: Aleurites moluccana
Common name: Kukui (Candle nut)
Origin: Southeast Asia

The candlenut is best known for its use in the Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. After popping or chopping the nut with an auger, it can be used as a binder of sauces. The nuts are about 4-6 centimeters wide and have a very shard shell which cannot be peeled by hand. They are quite oily, which is why they can also be burned like a candle when they are tied together, hence the English name Candlenut. It’s a tropical tree which can also be held as a houseplant.  

Sowing description: Sow the hard seeds in moist sowing & cutting soil and cover with foil or glass. Put away on a sunny, warm spot, so germination can occur after three to four months.

The germination can be stimulated by cracking the seeds before sowing. However, this may also damage the seeds. You could try it with one, sole seed. There is a traditional method:Press the seeds in the ground and cover them with low, dry leaves measuring 3 to 10 cm. After, burn the leaves and throw the hot seeds into cold water. The pericarp should break now. It’s also possible to crack the seeds with a nutcracker or vise, just be very careful. Let them soak overnight in water before sowing.

Sowing time: Whole year 
Difficulty: Challenging
Minimum temperature: 15 degreesCelsius

Photo: Forest and Kim Starr (CCA-3.0 Wikipedia)

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