Tropical plants / Australian Baobab (Adansonia gregorii)

Australian Baobab (Adansonia gregorii)
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Only species with an origin in Australia. Aboriginals used these trees as a water source during dry periods. Can be cultivated as houseplant too.

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Common name:
Australian baobab / Boab


Minimum temperature:
12 degrees Celsius

This baobab is the only baobab species from Australia. In total there are 9 species of baobab(Adansonia sp.) of which 2 are from the mainland of Africa and 6 species are from Madagascar. The Australian baobab is one of the smaller baobab species en can grow up to 10 meters in nature. The trunk can become very swollen and can reach a width of 5 meters. The plant saves up water in its trunk and drops all of its leaves to survive trough dry periods. Aboriginals knew the tree saved up water and used the tree as a water source during these dry periods. South of the city Derby another use of the tree can also be seen. There a hollowed out baobab was used as a prison. 
In Australia baobabs are known as boabs and the latin name refers to the Australian explorer Augustus Gregory.
Naturally the baobab will never get as large as in nature, but it can be a special addition to your plants. 

Germination instructions:
Put the seeds in water of 90 degrees and let them soak in the cooling water for 24 hours. Then sow in sowing soil at 25 degrees. Keep the soil moist constantly. Germination can take a few weeks and possibly even months. As long as the seeds are hard germination can still follow. 

Sowing time:
Whole year

Foto 1: David McClenaghan

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Wesley Bexkens - 17-08-2018 15:19

Een zaailing stond snel boven en de tweede komt er nu ook aan. Goede zaden dus. Heb ze zoals beschreven eerst in water van 90 graden gelegd en 24 uur laten weken. Daarna gezaaid in een propagator en de eerste stond na ongeveer 2-3 weken boven!

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