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From passion to shop

Since 2007 you have been able to get special seeds from all over the world at Onszaden. What started as a hobby has grown into an online company with an international customer base. Now we manage Onszaden with a team of 4 people with a background in biology and plants. 

With our large and varied assortiment we want to show how special and beautiful the world of plants is. We introduce you to the species by describing their origin, their growth in nature and its local or special uses. Then you can further discover the qualities of the plant by growing it yourself. Our assortiment contains familiar species, but also unfamiliar or rare species. By growing a familiar plant species you can experience how products you know from the supermarket are grown. Whereas the more unfamiliar species can introduce you to the immense diversity of the plant kingdom and the importance of protecting natural systems and biodiversity (see 'Projects').