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Tropical / Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)
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The seeds of the nutmeg tree are the source of two popular spices: nutmeg and mace.

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Common name:

Banda Islands

Minimum temperature:
5 degrees Celsius

The nutmeg tree grows naturally in the Banda Islands in Indonesia, but is now cultivated in several tropical regions. The seeds of the nutmeg tree are the source of two popular spices: nutmeg and mace. It is estimated that these spices have been used in Indonesia for 3,500 years. used in cooking, but from the 17 th century onwards, they were also discovered by other Asian cuisines. Nutmeg is obtained by pulverizing the seeds and mace is the dried seed coat. This seed coat is freshly colored bright red, which provides a nice contrast to the large, shiny, brown seeds. The seeds are each contained in a yellow fruit that splits in two when ripening.
In the tropics, the nutmeg tree grows to a height of about 15 meters and the first fruits are formed on female trees from about 7 years old. Male trees are needed for fertilization, with beetles in particular transferring the pollen from the small, white flowers. The species can be kept outside the tropics as a decorative houseplant. Producing fruit will be difficult, but it is an interesting and historical strain to grow yourself.

Sowing description:
First sand the seed in 1 spot with sandpaper, until a color difference is visible. Then soak in water for 24 hours and sow in sowing and cutting soil. Keep the soil constantly moist and put it in a warm place (25-30 ° C is optimal). Germination usually takes a few weeks, but can follow as long as the seed is hard.

Sowing time:
Year round


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