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Tropical / Leea amabilis

Leea amabilis Leea amabilis
Leea amabilis Leea amabilis
Leea amabilis
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The leaves of this rare species look spectacular with a striking pink-white central stripe.
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Family: Vitaceae
Scientific name: Leea amabilis
Common name:
Origin: Borneo

This is a very rare species from the rainforest of Borneo. There, the plant is found scattered across the island in the shady, moist understory of the forest. The leaves (up to 15 cm) look spectacular with a striking pink-white central stripe that contrasts nicely with the dark colour of the rest of the leaf. The underside and petioles are purplish coloured, which is also the colour of the young leaves. In the rainforest, the plant can reach a height of 150 cm, but in cultivation it remains smaller. 

The species can be kept in tropical conditions, where the humidity in particular needs to be high (at least 70%). To provide that year-round, it would be best to consider a greenhouse or glass pot in the house. The temperature should be at least 18grC (optimum is 23-28grC) and it is important to take a well-drained soil that is constantly slightly moist. Furthermore, make sure no direct sunlight shines on the leaves.   

Sowing description: The germinated seed can develop further in Sphagnum moss at 23-28grC. When the first leaves form, transfer to a well-drained soil mixture.        

Sowing time: Year-round
Difficulty: Challenge
Minimum temperature: 18 degrees Celsius

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MT - 23-01-2023 22:57

Het zaadje was inderdaad al ontkiemd. Overgezet in een potje in een terrarium en het plantje heeft inmiddels al enkele blaadjes. :)