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Tropical / Swamp Clivia (Clivia robusta)

Swamp Clivia (Clivia robusta)
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The swamp clivia produces special orange flowers with green tips and also does this quite easily as a houseplant.

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Family: Amaryllidaceae
Scientific name: Clivia robusta
Common naam: Swamp Clivia
Origin: South-Africa

The swamp clivia produces special orange flowers with green tips and also does this quite easily as a houseplant. It is a rare species from southeastern South Africa where it occurs in wetlands near rivers. The plant is resistant to flooding there and as a houseplant it therefore also likes sufficient water. In nature, the plant reaches a "robust" size of 1.5 meters (where the Latin name comes from), making it one of the largest Clivia species. As a houseplant, the species remains a bit smaller with elegant, broad leaves that are about 1 meter long. The bloom is usually in the fall or winter and consists of a long flower spike with a cluster of hanging flowers at the end. The species does well in a shady position (no direct sunlight) and likes well-drained soil.

Sowing description: The seeds have a short shelf life. First let them soak in water for 12 hours and then sow them superficially in an airy mix of seedling soil and moss. Keep the soil constantly moist and maintain a temperature of 20-25 ° C. Germination usually takes place within a few weeks.

Sowing time: All year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius

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Richard adriaansen - 20-04-2021 20:33

Update: uiteindelijk 9 van de 10 zaad bolletjes gekiemt...doen het heel goed.
Er is er een bij die zelfs 4 knoppen met blaadjes maakt....1 staat er al buiten gezien ze tegen koudere nacht temperaturen kunnen...grond is nat.

Rick - 17-03-2021 12:39

3 van de 5 zaden gekiemd! Kiem varieerde een beetje tussen de 4 weken en 2 maanden. Plantjes groeien niet heel snel maar doen het wel goed!

Richard Adriaansen - 12-01-2021 19:04

Na 3 weken zijn de eerste blaadjes in zicht. Ze staan op 25graden in vochtig grond. Bolletjes zitten voor de helft in de grond. Kiem bak afgedekt.

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