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Tropical / Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix)

Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix)
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The eye-catching leaves of this Citrus species are very aromatic and have a fresh-sweet smell and taste.

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Familiy: Rutaceae
Scientific name: Citrus hystrix
Common name: Kaffir Lime
Origin: Indonesia

The eye-catching leaves of this Citrus species are very aromatic and have a fresh-sweet smell and taste. In Southeast Asian cuisine the fresh leaves are abundantly added as seasoning to a range of dishes, such as curries and soups. In Asian stores the leaves are often sold frozen or dried, but they have the best flavouring when they are picked fresh from a plant. Besides the leaves, the green wobbly-shaped fruits can also be a delicious addition to many dishes. They are comparable to limes, but taste slightly more bitter. The plant will grow best in tropical circumstances, but if it gets enough heat and sunlight it will also do well as a houseplant. So it could also flower and give fruits in more temperate climates, but it still depends on how many leaves you harvest from it. The more leaves you harvest, the less resources there are for the plant to produce flowers and fruits. In a pot the plant could grow to 1,5m height, but in Southeast Asia it can grow up to 10 metres. Make sure to provide a well-draining soil and frequently water it in warm summer months. In the winter the plant can be watered less and should be kept above 5 degrees Celsius.

Sowing description: The seeds have a short shelf life so sow them as soon as possible in sowing mix. Keep the soil lightly moist and cover it all with plastic or glass to keep in the water and heat. Germination usually occurs within a few weeks at 22-30 degrees Celsius.  

Sowing time: All year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius

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