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Tropical / Regal Anthurium (Anthurium regale)

Regal Anthurium (Anthurium regale)
Regal Anthurium (Anthurium regale)
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The leaf can reach a size of up to 2 metres in the wild and is soft to the touch with velvety hair.

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The Regal Anthurium is a large species from the rainforest of Peru where it occurs in small populations around the Huallaga River. The leaves can reach a size of up to 2 metres in the wild, allowing the plant as a whole to grow to a height of 4 metres. In cultivation, the plant remains smaller with a maximum leaf size of 1 metre. Still large for an Anthurium species. 

The leaves are dark green coloured and have a slight vein. Especially with older leaves, the surface feels soft due to the velvety hairs. In its original habitat in Peru, the plant grows in relatively cool conditions of 15-21grC in winter and 20-28grC in summer. When growing as a houseplant, it seems to do well to mimic this temperature change, where growth will temporarily stop in the winter months. However, it is important to provide year-round high humidity of at least 60%, preferably higher. In addition, the plant likes a light location without direct sunlight and well-drained, constantly moist soil. It is not an epiphyte, so sufficient structure must be present in the soil for good root growth.  

Sowing description: The germinated seed can further develop into Sphagnum moss. When the first leaves form, transfer to a well-drained soil mixture.        

Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Anthurium regale
Common name: Regal Anthurium
Native to: Peru

Sowing time: Year-round
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

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