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Tropical / Anthurium (Anthurium luxurians)

Anthurium (Anthurium luxurians)
Anthurium (Anthurium luxurians)
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The leaves turn from light green to dark green and have a strikingly puckered surface.

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Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Anthurium luxurians
Common name: Anthurium
Origin: Colombia

This rare Anthurium species comes from the lowland rainforest in Colombia. There it is mainly found along streams and grows with its roots in the soil. So it is not an epiphyte, like many other Anthurium species. The leaves turn from light green to dark green and have a strikingly puckered surface. Combined with the beautiful sheen, the leaves look attractive. It can grow about 50 cm wide and grows on a petiole that can reach 80 cm long. The inflorescence has a white-green colour and is followed by red-purple berries after pollination.
The plant requires high humidity and a location in indirect sunlight. Since the species grows in the lower layer of the rainforest, it can also withstand shady conditions. The optimal temperature is between 25 and 30grC, but the plant grows fine from a temperature of 21grC. Provide a well-drained soil with, for example, bark, perlite and organic material and keep that mixture constantly slightly moist. 

Sowing description: The germinated seed can further develop into Sphagnum moss. When the first leaves form, transfer to a well-drained soil mixture.        

Sowing time: Year-round
Difficulty: Average
Minimum temperature: 18 degrees Celsius

Photo: Ecuagenera Araceae

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Aurora - 30-08-2023 11:02

Het Anthurium luxurians zaadje heeft het prima naar zijn zin in spagnummos. Het heeft reeds een ini mini blaadje gevormd. Ik ben erg blij en ben zeer benieuwd hoe het plantje zich verder gaat ontwikkelen.