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Tropical / Anthurium (Anthurium brownii)

Anthurium (Anthurium brownii)
Anthurium (Anthurium brownii)
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This is a rare and decorative Anthurium species from the rain forests of northern South America.

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Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Anthurium brownii
Common name: Anthurium
Origin: Northern South America

This is a rare and decorative Anthurium species from the rain forests of northern South America. The distribution seems to be mainly in Colombia, but the species has also been found in surrounding countries. The plant usually grows as an epiphyte in trees, with the roots providing hold and collecting rainwater. The roots are therefore not used to soil, so the plant can be kept in a very permeable soil. Consider, for example, orchid soil that may be mixed with Spaghnum moss, coconut soil and/or sand. The mixture can be kept constantly slightly moist and is best not to get too dry or too wet. The heart-shaped leaves are reasonably resistant to slightly lower humidity, but regular watering may be beneficial. In addition, the plant is not very resistant to sunlight, so a position in indirect sunlight (e.g. on the north) is suitable. The plant remains relatively small and can eventually reach a height of 80 cm. After a few years, it can also bloom with a whitish-green inflorescence consisting of a bract and a flask. Characteristic of the arum family to which the species belongs.  

Sowing description: The seed has already germinated and can be planted in a mixture of Sphagnum-moss and soil (e.g. coconut soil or seed and cutting soil). Cover the whole in the first stage with foil or glass for a while, but later it can be further raised in living room conditions. Provide a warm spot without direct sunlight.  

Sowing time: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

Photo: Reinaldo Aguilar

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Serina - 13-06-2022 14:36

De ontkiemende zaadjes zagen er perfect uit. Ze groeien goed! Heel erg bedankt voor de nette en snelle service

Annemarie - 26-05-2022 10:30

I bought two seeds. They arrived in fine shape in some sphagnum mos. They were already germinating and didn't skip a bead in growing. Curious to see them mature!

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