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Tropical / Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis)

Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis) Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis) Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis)
Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis) Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis) Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis)
Aroid (Amorphophallus tenuistylis)
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Very rare Amorphophallus species with a striking silvery petiole with black spots.
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Very rare Amorphophallus species first found in western Thailand, but also found in locations in Vietnam and Cambodia. However, the populations are small, making the species endangered. The species is notable for its silvery petiole with black spots. This can reach a height of 1 meter and then gives an umbrella-shaped leaf. The plant grows from an underground, light-colored tuber and produces 1 leaf at a time. If enough energy is stored in that tuber, the plant can produce an inflorescence after a resting period. The bract of this has a greenish-brown color on the inside and is lighter with dark spots on the outside. 
The photo above is a bit discolored by the light from the greenhouse and you can imagine the inflorescence a bit browner. 

The species originates from the rainforest and is therefore tropical, but can also be grown in the living room. Make sure the soil is well-drained and the location is without direct sunlight. If the plant is dormant, you can water less and wait for the emergence of a new leaf (or eventually the inflorescence). 

Sowing description: Sow seeds in an airy mixture of e.g. Sphagnum moss and sand. Keep slightly moist and let germinate at 25-30° C. 

Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Amorphophallus tenuistylis
Common name: Aroid
Native to: Thailand

Sowing period: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

Photo 1: The Giving Garden, Australia
Photo 2: Bjorn Malkmus-Hussein

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