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Tropical / Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii)

Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii) Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii)
Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii) Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii)
Aroid (Amorphophallus prainii)
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This Amorphophallus species produces a striking, white inflorescence

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Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Amorphophallus prainii
Common name: Arum calyx
Origin: Southeast Asia

This Amorphophallus species produces a striking, white inflorescence. This can reach a size of 40 cm and spreads an unpleasant odor to attract carrion insects for pollination. After pollination, red fruits containing 1 seed are formed. The plant grows from an underground tuber with 1 umbrella-shaped leaf each, which is succeeded by a larger leaf. The leaf can reach a height of 2 meters in the wild and has an elegant, spotted leaf stalk. As an indoor plant, however, the plant remains somewhat smaller. When the tuber has stored enough energy, the inflorescence can be formed. From sowing this could happen after 3-5 years. The color is of course striking, but the spadix is also somewhat thicker than in many other Amorphophallus species and looks a bit like a cap. 

The species originally grows in the lowland rainforest of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia where it occurs mainly in more open areas. When growing it as a houseplant, make sure it has a light location, but without direct sunlight. In addition, a well-drained, constantly slightly moist soil with lots of organic material and a temperature preferably above 20 degrees Celsius. If the plant goes dormant (and no leaves are visible), you can keep the soil slightly moist, after which the tuber will sprout again. 

Sowing directions: Sow in a light mixture of e.g. Sphagnum-moss and coconut fiber. Keep the mixture slightly moist and let it germinate at 25-30 deg C. 

Sowing period: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

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