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Tropical / Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus)

Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus) Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus)
Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus) Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus)
Aroid (Amorphophallus costatus)
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Rare Amorphophallus species with a dark brown-purple inflorescence.

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Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Amorphophallus costatus
Common name: Aroid
Origin: Borneo

This is a very rare Amorphophallus species that is rarely offered. The seeds come from a plant in cultivation, whose inflorescence can be seen in the photo and is almost completely opened on it. The species was discovered in 1991 in the far south of Borneo at an altitude of 400 metres along a stream. It was named in 1994 by Wilbert Hetterscheid, who has done a lot of research on the Amorphophallus genus in Wageningen. 

The leaf can reach a height of about 60 cm and has a light stem with dark spots. The inflorescence can grow up to 40 cm high, with the spathe itself measuring about 20 cm. The base has a pinkish colour with dark spots and the rest of the inflorescence is coloured dark brownish-purple. This includes the spadix that rises above the bract. The flowers emit a strong cheesy scent to attract insects for pollination. 

The plant grows from an underground tuber with 1 leaf at a time. A leaf is succeeded each time by a larger leaf and when the tuber has stored enough energy, the plant can flower. Provide a well-drained, constantly moist soil. If the species is dormant, a little less water can be given temporarily. 

Sowing instruction: The already germinated seed can be sown directly in well-drained soil with organic material and e.g. perlite. For initial development, a temperature of 25-30grC is optimal. 

Sowing time: Year-round
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius

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