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Tropical / Aroid (Amorphophallus asper)

Aroid (Amorphophallus asper)
Aroid (Amorphophallus asper)
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A rare species with small populations in the rainforests of Sumatra in Indonesia.

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Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Amorphophallus asper
Common name: Aroid
Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

A rare species with small populations in the rainforests of Sumatra in Indonesia. The inflorescence can grow to about 1.5 metres high and consists of a green spathe and a cream-coloured spadix. An unpleasant smell attracts flies and beetles that can pollinate the flowers. After pollination, red berries are formed, each containing 1 seed. The leaf has a spotted petiole and is followed each time by a larger leaf from an underground tuber. Thus, the plant has 1 leaf at a time with an umbrella-like shape. 

Usually once a year, the plant goes dormant, during which no leaves will be visible for some time. During this period, it is important to water less, but not let the soil become completely dry. The tuber will sprout again on its own. Provide a light spot without direct sunlight and a well-drained soil with organic material. The optimal growing temperature is between 25 and 30grC, but the species also does well at room temperature. However, a higher temperature may be needed to initiate flowering. 

Sowing description: The already germinated seed can be further grown directly in well-drained soil with organic material. Keep the soil constantly slightly moist and the temperature at least 20°C in the first phase. 

Sowing time: Year-round
Difficulty: Average
Minimum temperature: 12 degrees Celsius

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