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Tropical / Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla)

Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla) Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla)
Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla) Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla)
Alocasia (Alocasia heterophylla)
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A rare species from the Philippines with blue-green coloured leaves.
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The leaves of this Alocasia species are blue-green colored and have an arrow-like shape. The veins are dark green and an average leaf can grow to about 25 cm. The shape and color of the leaves can vary from plant to plant (and even within a plant), which is how the species name 'heterophylla' (diverse leaf) came about. The species originates from the Philippines where it is found mainly in tropical forests along the coast. Often on slopes with a relatively large amount of lime in the soil. The humidity in those places is around 60-70%, so the plant is not easily bothered by lower humidity in the house. 

The size of the plant in the tropics can be about 50 cm, though as a houseplant it usually stays a bit smaller. Provide a bright spot without direct sunlight and a well-drained soil. Mix the soil it with some lime to mimic its natural habitat in the Philippines. The plant likes regular watering, but it is best to let it dry out a little in between watering. 

Sowing description: The already germinated seed can be planted directly into a well-drained, moist soil (e.g. spaghnum, coconut fiber and lime rich sand). Let it develop further at 25-30grC. From the first leaves, you can let the plant get used to the temperature of the living room. 

Family: Araceae
Scientific name: Alocasia heterophylla
Common name: Alocasia 
Native to: Philippines

Sowing season: Whole year
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 7 degrees Celsius

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