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Winter hardy / Threeleaf Akebia (Akebia trifoliata)

Threeleaf Akebia (Akebia trifoliata)
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This hardy vine flowers in spring with numerous deliciously smelling purplish brown flowers. The inflorescence is followed by blue/purple fruits with edible white pulp.

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Familie: Lardizabalaceae
Latijnse naam: Akebia trifoliata
Common name: Threeleaf Akebia / Chocolate vine
Origin: Japan

This decorative hardy vine can climb up to a few meters in height, and originates in Japan. In late spring numerous purplish brown flowers emerge, which smell delicious and hang down in trusses. In a warm summer the flower trusses are followed by peculiar blue/purple fruits of 5-10 cm. The white pulp as well as the seeds are edible, and resemble the structure of a passionfruit. The taste can vary between different plants, and can be nearly tasteless or a mix between banana, pear and melon. In order to get the fruits, cross-pollination between two plants is necessary. Therefore you can plant two plants of this species, or grow a plant of the more known Akebia quinata (often found in garden centers) in combination with the Akebia trifoliata. The difference between these species is mostly the size and shape of the leaves.
It is an easy and strong plant which grows well in the sun or half-sun, and prefers a fertile soil.

Sowing description: Sand the seeds with sandpaper in one spot until a difference in color emerges. Afterwards soak for 24 hours and sow superficially in sowing mix. Don’t cover the seeds with soil. Moisturize the soil and cover with plastic foil or glass. Place the sowing pot in the fridge for 4 to 6 weeks and keep the soil constantly moist during that period. After the cold period let the seeds germinate in a light spot at room temperature. Germination can occur after a few weeks, but may also take 2-3 months.

Sowing time: November - May
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: -15 degrees Celsius

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