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Tropical / Elephant Yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius)

Elephant Yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius)
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Overwhelmingly beautiful flower that looks like the famous giant arum in botanical gardens, but can easily be grown.

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Common name:
Elephant yam

Tropical Asia

Minimum temperature:
15 degrees Celcius

This Amorphophallus species is among the most unusual plants. The beautiful flowers, the typical growth of the leaf and the not very complex care make this plant a must for any plant lover. This species is the little brother of the Amorphophallus titanum, the stinking flower that always makes the news and is known as the largest flower in the world. For the big brother, a large tropical greenhouse or a garden in the tropics is needed quickly. But this species can also be cultivated ‘normally’ at home.
The only drawback is the fragrance that the plant spreads during its flowering, because it can (max. 1-2 days) sometimes be an annoyance at home. Anyway, you can simply place the plant somewhere else, since its bloom is stunningly beautiful. The plant grows as a bulb out of the ground and dies away again after flowering. The first few years, a leaf will appear, growing larger, until the plant is ready to bloom. Furthermore, the tubers can reach a weight up to 10 kg.

Germination instructions:
Sow seeds in sowing soil in a warm spot indoors. The plant grows as a root vegetable and dies off every winter, only leaving the tuber. Store the tubers over the winter in a cool, dry environment.

Sowing time:
All year round


Photo 2: Via Flickr: Removebeforeflight

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Rayan - 30-03-2021 17:25

Er zaten twee keer zoveel zaden in het zakje als vermeld. Echter bleken de zaden erg gevoelig voor vraat door larven van rouwmugjes. Uiteindelijk, 44 dagen na het zaaien, was er één plantje opgekomen. Deze vormde in eerste instantie drie bladeren die naast elkaar groeiden. Uiteindelijk stierven deze, zo'n 9 maanden na het opkomen, af en vormde zich een enkel groot blad. Na een jaar heeft er nog geen rustperiode plaatsgevonden, de normale cyclus zal met het vormen van dit enkele blad nu begonnen zijn.

Ash - 13-01-2020 02:56

It's was very easy to germanate. I forgot about it and it germanated in a pot left outside in Ireland. By the it was a seedling it was winter and it died. I was disappointed but it was my fault I left it get too cold about 5 degrees. I think you need to keep it alive for the first winter so it can get big enough to grow the yam.

Paul - 14-11-2018 14:15

De zaden die ik besteld had wilden maar niet kiemen. Toen ik Onszaden vroeg wat ik fout deed, bleek dat de zaden waarschijnlijk niet vers genoeg waren en kreeg ik nieuwe! Nu maar hopen dat het nu goed gaat.

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