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Tropical / Zulu Giant (Stapelia gigantea)

Zulu Giant (Stapelia gigantea)
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This carrion flower produces yellow-red flowers of up to 40cm large: the largest of all Stapelia flowers! An easy succulent for a sunny spot.

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Common name:
Zulu giant

South east Africa

Minimum temperature:
11 degrees Celsius

The zulu giant produces the largest flowers of all Stapelia species; flowers up to 40 cm large! The red-yellow flowers usually bloom in summer and are starshaped, curved and covered with fine hairs. The flowers are pollinated by flies which are attracted by the smell of rotting flesh. This makes the flowers a peculiar sight (and smell!). The plant is easy to care for and grows well in a sunny spot. It naturally occurs from Zambia to South Africa through Botswana and even spreads into Mozambique. The plant is very resistent to drought and can tolerate hight temperatures. In South Africa the stems are sometimes used to brew a calming tea and during food shortages the stems are eaten fresh.

Sowing description:
Sow the seeds in a mix of sand and sowing mix (1:1) and cover lightly. Keep the soil continously moistened. Place the container in a light place and with a temperature around 30 degrees. You can place it near a heating system for example to reach that temperature. Germination can occur within a few months. 

Sowing time:
Whole year

Level of difficulty:

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TvW - 15-04-2021 16:48

Gezaaid in mix van zand, zaai- en stekgrond (1:1) en wat perliet, vochtig gemaakt en in een afgedekte pot op een infrarood warmhoudplaatje (onderwarmte) gezet op een lichte plek. Na een paar dagen ontkiemde 5/10 zaadjes, de rest weggeschimmeld. Plantjes groeiden in het begin snel maar gaan nu, wat weken later, iets langzamer. Ben benieuwd naar het verdere groeiproces!

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