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Seed packages

On this page you'll find an assortment of combined seed packages. They can be nice to give away, or to explore one theme of plants. 

-9 % Africa seed package

The second largest continent has the largest desert in the world. More than 45,000 plant species grow in Africa. One of them is the iconic baobab tree.

€16,50 € 15,00 per piece
Gift Card of 10 euro

Want to give special seeds as a gift? But difficult to choose which one? Then give a gift voucher as a present!

€ 10,00 per piece
-9 % North America seed package

The many climate areas of North America contain a large variety of plant species. From the boreal forests in Canada to the deserts of Arizona and from the swamps of Louisiana to...

€16,50 € 15,00 per Unit
-9 % Oceania seed package

A small selection of the plentyfull species originating from Oceania. The many islands of this continent harbour a wide variety of plants that can only be found there.

€16,50 € 15,00 per unit

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