Tropical plants / Aroena (Quaqua mammillaris)

Aroena (Quaqua mammillaris)
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Rare species from Namibia with flowers of varying shades of red to black. The juicy stems are eaten in Namibia against thirst, hangovers or stomach ulcers.

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Minimum temperature:
10 degrees Celsius

This rare species from Namaqualand, a coastal strip from Namibia to South Africa, produces countless flowers in varying shades of brown-red to black. Every stem can produce about 15 flowers that bloom simultaniously. The flowers produce a sweet honey-like scent to attract insects for pollination. The green stems don't have any leaves, but are coverd with short yellow spikes. They are eaten in Namibia to treat stomach ulcers, against a hangover or to quench thirst. The species is related to the genus Stapelia, the family of carrion flowers, which is why orginally the species was called Stapelia mammilaris by Linnaeus. However, in 1983 Peter Vincent Bruyns tenamed the species to Quaqua mammilaris, because the flower production was too different from Stapelia species.  

Sowing description:
Sow the seeds in a mix of sand and and sowing mix (1:1) and cover lightly. Keep the soil moistened and place the container in a light spot with a temperature around 30 degrees. By placing it near a heating element for example.

Sowing time:
Whole year

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