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Tropical / Winged-stem Passionflower (Passiflora alata)

Winged-stem Passionflower (Passiflora alata)
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A small species with reddish purple flowers and yellow orange, delicious passion fruit. The stems are winged.

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Common name:
Winged-stem Passionflower


Minimum temperature:
12 degrees Celsius

The winged passion flower is named after its quadrangular, winged stems. In terms of flowering, the species resembles a little brother of the giant passion flower (P. quadrangularis), as the special flowers are a fraction smaller and otherwise very similar. The plant also remains a lot smaller than the giant passion flower and is therefore better suited for the living room, conservatory or greenhouse. The first bloom follows after only 2-3 years, followed by oval, bright orange and very tasty fruits.

Sowing description:
Soak the seeds for 24 hours in orange juice and then sow in sowing and cutting soil. Keep the soil constantly moist, cover with cling film or glass and let it germinate in a warm and light place indoors. Germination can take several weeks to months.

Sowing time:
Year round


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Ewout - 19-07-2021 09:12

De eerste poging om deze tot kiemen te brengen was mislukt. Bij de tweede poging met een warmtematje van 21W onder de kweekbak, zijn er echter 8/10 zaden uitgekomen! Hopelijk groeien ze nu goed verder

Anonymous - 18-07-2021 17:26

Ontkiemen duurt lang maar groeit goed. Alle zaden zijn goed ontkiemd dus ik ga zelfs een paar mooie plantjes weggeven

Anne Molenaar - 17-10-2018 14:36

Stond op het pak, kieming na 1-10 weken, maar na 3 maanden is er nog niets groens te zien helaas

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