Subtropical / Thomson Banana (Musa thomsonii)

Thomson Banana (Musa thomsonii)
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A species that originates in northern India and Bhutan, and has a dark-red inflorescence. Hibernate at a minimum of 0 degC.

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Common name:
Thomson banana


Minimum temperature:
5 degC

The Thomson banana is only rarely seen in cultivation and is often confused with the Musa flaviflora. For a long time these species were assumed to be one and the same, but since 2013 they are known to be separate species. The Thomson banana grows in the Himalayas in northern India and Bhutan, and can therefore resist lower temperatures. Although not completely hardy, the plant can be grown as a container plant at a minimum of 0 degC in temperate climates. The inflorescence is purplish red.

Sowing description:
Sand the seeds with sanding paper and soak them in lukewarm water for 48 hours. Sow the seeds in sowing mix and keep the soil constantly moist by covering the soil with plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate in a warm spot indoors (for example in the sun or near a heater). Germination can take a few weeks or months, and can still occur as long as the seeds are firm.

Sowing time:
Whole year

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