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Tropical / Sandbox Tree (Hura crepitans)

Sandbox Tree (Hura crepitans)
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The gourd-like fruit of this species bursts with tremendous strength and loud noise apart. The seeds are fired off at a speed of 250 km/h, so that they can spread up to 100 meters from the tree.

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Common name:
Sandbox tree

South America

The sandbox tree is a tropical tree from South America with smooth bark that is covered with sharp spines. Thus the species is sometimes called the ‘monkey no-climb’ in the Amazon. Another common name is the dynamite tree, because of the explosive power of the fruit. 

The fruits resemble a small pumpkin (8cm wide) and burst with tremendous strength and loud noise apart. That way they can spread their seeds, which are fired off by the explosion at a speed of 250 km/h. Sometimes they can be found at a distance of 50 up to 100 meters away from the tree!

The juice of this species is very toxic, so you should carefully take care of the plant. Local fishermen in the Amazon use the juice for poisoning fish, and other inhabitants produce poisoned arrows. 

It is a tropical species which can also be kept as a houseplant.

Germination instructions:
The seeds have a short viability, so they can have a longer delivery time. Sow them directly in sowing mix at a temperature of around 25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist. 

Sowing time:
All year round.

Photo 1: Plantaciones Edelman
Photo 2: M S via Flickr
Photo 3: Marco Schmidt 


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Sander - 06-06-2020 13:57

Als ze eenmaal gekiemd zijn groeien ze snel. 30cm in de eerste 3 weken. De zaaddoos blijft eraan hangen in die tijd. Dasrna stagneert die en groeit die langzaam. Ik heb de grond goed nat gehouden en op een warmte mat gezet. Na kiemen voor het raam

Tim - 27-08-2016 15:26

Ze kiemden hier heel ongelijkmatig. De ene na een paar dagen en de ander na een paar weken. Het zijn nu mooie plantjes met een aparte tekening op de groene steel (rode stippen/strepen). Leuke plantjes, zeker de moeite waard!

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