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Tropical / Cow's Horn Euphorbia (Euphorbia grandicornis)

Cow's Horn Euphorbia (Euphorbia grandicornis)
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This bizarre succulent makes angular, zigzagging stems with big spines that look similar to cow’s horns.

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Family: Euphorbiaceae
Scientific name: Euphorbia grandicornis
Common name: Cow's Horn Euphorbia
Origin: South Africa

This bizarre succulent makes angular, zigzagging stems with large spines that resemble a cow's horn (and cactus) in shape. The species is native to the arid regions of southeastern Africa, where it grows into a shrubby plant sometimes up to 2 meters tall. Its growth is relatively fast, which is why it is even planted there as a partition. To protect the (vegetable) garden against animals for example. As a houseplant the species remains a lot smaller and grows slower. The plant does well in a sunny spot and a well-drained soil, where water can be given when the soil is completely dry. After a few years, the plant blooms with small, yellow flowers. The white milky sap from the plant is poisonous, but it only comes out when the plant is damaged (by falling or bumping for example).

Sowing directions: Sow seeds in a mixture of seeding and cutting soil and sand (1:1) and cover seeds slightly. Keep soil constantly slightly moist and let germinate at a day temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius and a night temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius. Provide a light spot without direct sunlight.

Sowing time: Year round
Difficulty: Intermediate
Minimum temperature: 5 degrees Celsius

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